Do you need a NEW approach to the SAME problems???

  • Are you good at "knowing" things but often doubt yourself??
  • Do you see, hear, and feel things you can't explain?
  • Do you have headaches and fatigue after being around other people?
  • Do you absorb other's feelings and often don't realize this has happened?
  • Do you deal with feelings of ANXIETY and DEPRESSION?
  • Have you battled with insomnia or worse, chronic illness?
  • Do you know you are an empath (highly sensitive person) and feel controlled by this?
  • Do you feel alone, overwhelmed, and needy and feel like a burden when you go to family and friends to discuss these issues?
  • Most importantly, are you fulfilled with life??

Developing your intuition with Tarot is your guide into living a life that is fulfilling, joyful and purpose-driven.

If you have landed on this page, you are meant to see this. Perhaps you have used Tarot in the past. Maybe you have invested in readings to help guide you or bring clarity to your life. You may be hearing a calling or getting a tap on the shoulder to understand more about your life's purpose. Perhaps you are looking for a new avenue for your life that will lead to you joy, happiness and creativity.

Having the right tools and community backing you IS the most innovative and speedy way to ALIGN yourself to a higher vibration, ELEVATE your energy, and EXPAND into the fullness of who you are meant to be for yourself, your loved ones and ultimately, this planet. When you MAKE THE COMMITMENT to change your life, the Universe CONSPIRES to make it happen for you. You just have to show up with daily consistent action. The results and ripple effect are far-reaching. You are most likely the leader within your family and friend circle. As you Align, Elevate, and Expand, those around you will follow suit, by proxy. It all start with YOU and YOUR COMMITMENT TO YOURSELF.

Meet Michelle.

Living as a medium since childhood and gifted with her first Tarot Deck at age 14 set the foundations for Michelle feeling at home amidst astrology, paranormal phenomenon, divination, as well as the intuitive and healing arts. Starting out by doing readings for friends and family, she began giving readings professionally 10 years later.  With 30+ years experience, she has done readings with hundreds of clients. and has been called the “teen whisperer.” In addition to teens her clients include engineers, stay at home moms, pastors, social workers, abuse survivors, LGBQT, law enforcement, mental health / health professionals, Chronic pain and illness sufferers, entrepreneurs, artists, addiction survivors, retirees, Veterans and more. Working as a corporate professional in her early twenties, showed Michelle that professionals need support for their empathetic sensitivities. In addition, knowing how to use these aspects of ourselves as tools for working intuitive boundaries can completely up-level your approach and offer a new strategic element in your career.

Michelle believes tarot is a tool for confident, strategic decision making, clear communication and timely, decisive action and most importantly, TRANSFORMATION.  Her style is professional yet nurturing, frank and mystical; real talk woven into what feels like a hug from Mom. Michelle's technique for reading is all her own. She uses Tarot as a means of living her daily life strategically and intentionally. Born from ancestral pagan roots and foundations of numerous religious and occult studies, Michelle incorporates a modern approach while still honoring foundational practices of the Tarot. In her programs she guides her clients in healing spiritual & emotional blockages, understanding and polishing each person's unique intuitive capabilities, activating and living their life's purpose. Michelle's mission is to assist individuals who's mission is to be their best selves as well as to be of service to others.

Michelle has lived a rich life with many experiences!  From working in the corporate world in her twenties, followed by building a successful healing arts practice since 2002, Michelle has a list of endeavors she has worked in that time.  You will find her teaching virtual and in person workshops, giving private coaching on empowerment, life's purpose readings, building intuition, living as an empath, rituals, spells and exploring divination with Tarot.  She holds retreats and workshops monthly and quarterly and has aspirations of offering live retreats as we move away from the danger of the Global Pandemic. 

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I knew that there was a world of transforming education out there, I was scared and I needed to find and trust a teacher. Michelle is that teacher. I became a client quickly. To say with an honest heart that someone has changed your life is a tall order. Michelle changed the direction of my life, she changed the quality of my experience in this life. I am now building a future I could never see before, and enjoying the present in ways I never imagined. This is all down to the guidance and teaching Michelle provided me. She has an honest and trustworthy heart. She leads with love and nurtures every step I take.

Charlotte Street
Global Chef, Cancer Survivor, Entrepreneur

*Michelle gets straight to the heart of the matter and does so in the best possible way. I absolutely recommend her! ~ Morgan, MN

*Michelle is one of the most thoughtful, intuitive people I’ve ever met. Whatever questions life brings to you, Michelle will help you to navigate them and find the answers you seek. ~ Rachel, IL

*Spot on readings. Can sense things in you without even mentioning them to her! Very comforting! ~Angie, MN

*Michelle provided great insight and comfort regarding a major life event that had previously been a painful mystery. Additionally, she confirmed my aspirations about my life’s purpose, and helped me flesh them out. ~Angie, IL

Michelle is one of the most thoughtful, intuitive people I’ve ever met. Whatever questions life brings to you, Michelle will help you to navigate them an

Three Programs to Choose from;

We want to be a safe space for you to discover and fine tune all your abilities. We want to share with you all our secrets on how to be the fullness of who you really are and why you are here, now, on this planet. We know everyone comes with their own intuitive style. Perhaps you aren't even able to define that awareness, yet. We are here to help you every step of the way. Maybe you have been using Tarot for years, even having read for others. Maybe you are a newbie and don't even have a deck. We have the guideposts to lead you as you elevate and / or help guide you as you develop your own rhythm and style.

Intuition Transformation

w/ Tarot

Six Month Program

The focus of this program is to support leaders, highly effective & sensitive people to understand, develop and use their intuition as a means of significantly shifting all aspects of life.

Do you deal with;

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Lack of Fulfillment
  • Health issues / Chronic pain
  • Confused about Intuition & how to Develop and Use

Working with an Intuitive Coach when you are a highly effective and intelligent being is CRUCIAL during our current times.

What you get:

  • A Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
  • An in depth look at the ethics surrounding Tarot, how to use and make your own spreads
  • A library of information on the Major and Minor Arcana
  • (4) 30 min readings w/ Michelle where she works with you intuitively to discover blocks
  • Weekly trainings that will assist, align, illuminate all accessed at your convenience
  • Learn how to use Tarot to align with your Authentic self, intuition and spirit guides to set and meet your goals
  • Deep mindset mastery and shadow work to shift your focus to a place of power and master the art of MANIFESTATION
  • A community of tarot readers with which to trade readings
  • Members only access to Michelle's private Facebook group filled with other talented intuitive individuals as well as a weekly training
  • 25% off any purchases at Chelle Lee Designs

$5295 in full

OR 6 payments of $935

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Mystic Master's Program

Thirteen Month Program

In addition to all the wonderful aspects of the Six Month program & access to a library of trainings, you will get more advanced techniques in various forms of mysticism. Spellcasting, understanding and implenting manifestation techniques, in-depth approaches to reading for others, the business of being a Tarot Professional (pricing and packaging your readings and techniques), how to attract ideal clients. This is also a wonderful program for professionals who are looking to the most innovative approach to quantum up-leveling and a priceless, secret strategic tool.

If you are a professional, IT IS CRUCIAL TO WORK WITH AN INTUITIVE COACH! We are literally in a New Age and that requires the FRESHEST APPROACH possible.

What you get:

  • A Rider-Waite Tarot Deck
  • All the goodies from the Six Month Program
  • (8) 30 min readings w/ Michelle
  • Advanced Manifestation Training to scale your professional life
  • Foundations of being a Ethical Tarot Professional
  • Building your Ethical Tarot Business / Marketing / Packaging / Pricing / Networking
  • A community of tarot readers at your disposal with a myriad of skills and support techniques
  • 30% off any purchase at Chelle Lee Designs
  • Certificate of Completion as a Certified Ethical Tarot Professional
  • Members only access to Michelle's private Facebook group
  • Spellcasting techniques that will delight, up-level and protect

$11,995 in full

OR 12 payments of $1025

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Advanced Level Magickal Training

Perhaps you have intuition but don't know how to access it for STRATEGIC professional use. Maybe you are looking for community and guidance on how to expand your power and manifest true sustainable change and improvements in your lifestyle. Maybe you are feeling unfulfilled in your career and are ready to make big changes and shifts. Maybe you are in recovery from a traumatic illness or even systematic abuse from a partner.

Perhaps you are ready to package and price a healing program and need some help with social media marketing and networking and being visible in the online marketplace. This DIAMOND LEVEL, 1-1, PROGRAM is designed to fit the needs of the individual; the individual READY to do the work necessary to set into motion a course of action that leads to massive transformation!

The Executive Level Program

13 Month Program

The Diamond Level Program is for the individual that wants the 1-1 training that goes deeply into their magickal inclinations and foundations AND is ready to be of service with their skills. After discerning the foundational level Michelle will guide you to set a 13 month goal plan to ascend swiftly. The main focuses in this program are manifestation training for massive up-leveling and learning how to calibrate your personal POWER for magickal workings. Another facet of the main focus is to ascertain how much focus you would like to direct towards serving others with your skills. If you are unfulfilled in your career, this is the perfect opportunity to re-evaluate what direction you want your life to go in and then execute. Michelle has an apt perception for seeing where her clients will be the most fulfilled in their career and ascending to meet their goals and dreams. This program also has access into the group program with the added benefits of having private, bi-weekly sessions with Michelle for the 13 month duration.

  • Weekly 1-1 trainings and coaching sessions
  • Monthly Reading
  • Access to The Healing Art of Tarot Curriculum and Trainings
  • Access to The Sacred Circle and Weekly Trainings
  • Intuition Honing / Calibrating
  • Advanced Manifestation training / Utilizing Intuition for Professional Scaling
  • Strategic Business Training / Social Media Marketing for the online Marketplace
  • Custom programs available with this package

$29,995 in full

or 12 payments of $2525

Ready to live more Intuitively?

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